SEA AND STARS by Anna Tchernakova

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original drawings

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An ordinary fisherman lives on a small island off the coast. He fishes year-round in his small boat without any questions, complaints or boredom. But one day a young mai-mai fish sees him and falls in love, thinking he is the most beautiful creature in the world! She offers him a gift, and, unknown to him, her love changes the way he perceives the world...

Set to original music by composer Gavin Bryars, Sea and Stars tells a romantic story of the transforming power of love even without a happy ending.

Technique: Drawings on paper with computer rendering

Length: 11 minutes 1 second

Story, editing, design and digital graphics Anna Tchernakova
Direction Anna Tchernakova and Georgine Strathy
Animation and design
Georgine Strathy
Narrator John Neville
Original music Gavin Bryars
Executive producer David Verrall
National Film Board of Canada, 2002