Malgre Tout by Anna Tchernakova and Tessa McWatt 1996 AT and TM
Part 2
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          29     INT. NIGHT - KITCHEN                                  29

                 JULIA and PHILLIPE enter the kitchen. SOPHIE, SYLVANNE, MARTINE,
                 MARC, AND NAT are busy, preparing.  SOPHIE is showing MARTINE
                 how to open oysters. They are all watching as MARTINE struggles
                 with her first one. They wait. The conversations take place in a
                 mix of French and English.

                                (introducing) )
                           I think you know the others... this
                           is Nat. This is Julia.

                 JULIA recognizes NAT. He's still wearing his pilot's uniform. 
                 He nods at her, grinning. JULIA swigs on her drink. She remains
                 silent, uncomfortable as the others are engaged in helping

                                (to Martine) )
                           That's it,  keep the blade under
                           here, or it'll shatter... now push...

                 MARTINE tries.

                                         MARC (in French)
                           With a little more force...

                           Just pop it up...

                 PHILIPPE approaches JULIA.

                                         PHILIPPE (in French)
                           Here, have one of these 

                 He holds a pepared oyster up for her to swallow.

                 JULIA takes it.  At that moment, MARTINE pops her oyster open.
                 It sprays on all the observers.

                                (to Martine) )
                           You've got the idea, anyway.

                 They all return to their own piles, working and talking.

                 MARTINE struggles with another.  JULIA takes up a garbage bag
                 and moves around picking up some of the flung pieces.
                 She holds it for the others as they do their work, with lots of
                 water and shell flying. She stands next to MARC and NAT as they

                                         NAT (has a strong accent)
                                (to Marc, but
                                 distractedly, while
                                 he's searching in his
                                 pocket for
                                 something)... )
                           I've been doing passenger flights,

                 He pulls out navigational objects: a compass, some logarithm
                 tables, then finds a screwdriver and starts to use it on his

                                (opening oysters
                                 effortlessly) )
                           My dad flew those too, before he
                           retired...and before that rescue
                           flights in the war... taught me a lot
                           of things about motors and engines...
                           You like it?

                 JULIA looks at NAT.  He catches her eye, and he starts to look
                 through his pockets again.

                                (to Marc)
                           ...prefer solos...I like the space
                           and time to think, to talk....

                 He pulls a napkin from his pocket and wipes off his face.

                           ... solo flights to talk?...

                           yea, well, it's closer, the talking's

                           What do you mean easier... I don't

                                (to Julia) )
                           I need that bag over here...

                 MARTINE pops another shell, water sprays.

                 JULIA goes to the other side of the counter with the bag.

                 PHILIPPE opens oysters quickly, sneaking some for himself,
                 eating quickly and with great relish.

                 JULIA, holding the garbage bag, witnesses another conversation.

                 She tries to be interested.

                                (to Sophie). )
                           What's the name of the Greek
                           character who searches for love her
                           whole life?

                                (to Sylvanne) )

                           Oh shit 

                 He drops his screwdriver and sucks his finger.

                 SOPHIE goes to him to check to see if he's ok. While the others'
                 attention is on Philippe, JULIA goes to the telephone and calls
                 to check her messages.

                                         WOMAN'S VOICE (OFF -- taped)
                           You have one new message.

                 JULIA presses 11, eagerly, anxiously.

                                         WOMAN'S VOICE (OFF - taped) (CONT'D)
                           The following new message has not
                           been heard. First message:

                                         MICHAEL'S VOICE (OFF -- taped)
                           Jules. I just talked to Bruce. He can
                           get us a gig for a week in Winnipeg.
                           It's not exactly Cuba ... but at
                           least it's somewhere else... what do
                           you think? Happy New Year.

                 JULIA hangs up.

                 She goes over to PHILIPPE, who is bandaging his finger.

                                (to Philippe) )
                           Great news. We're going to Manitoba.

                           You're kidding.  When?...

                 MARTINE pops an oyster shell. Water sprays. The others move away
                 from her, but she's oblivious.

                 JULIA takes up the garbage bag and puts oyster shells from the
                 counter into it, then holds it while listening to the

                                (to Sylvanne) )
                           Right, Psyche...but Venus captures
                           her and makes her a slave.  Sorting


                           She has to sort millions of mixed
                           seeds by morning.

                           We need that bag over here...

                 JULIA moves over to NAT, MARC, and MARTINE.

                                (to Marc) )
                           ....flying's like that, you don't
                           have to understand... just trust...

                 He keeps looking over at Julia. MARTINE pops one, water and
                 shell fly.

                 JULIA takes up the shells and puts them in the bag.

                 PHILIPPE is arranging oysters on a large platter, still
                 ocasionally slurping one on the sly.

                 MARTINE, NAT, and MARC are finished shucking their piles of
                 oysters and are helping to prepare the trays.

                                (to Nat) )
                           You mean when you're talking to the
                           control centre....

                                (to Martine) )
                           You could call it a kind of control

                 He smiles at Julia, who looks up at him briefly, then away.

                           So what made you decide to live in

                 JULIA looks back over to catch the answer.

                           It's the place that seems to reject
                           me the least .... The map's not the

                 JULIA looks away, moves back toward Sophie.

                                (to Sylvanne) )
                           She weeps, doesn't know where to
                           start, but then hears a scratchy
                           voice from the floor asking her what
                           the matter is...

                                (catching a part of
                                 the conversation from
                                 the other side of the
                                 kitchen) )
                           A mouse?

                           No ... a tiny ant, who says he can
                           help her....

                                (to Marc, cutting
                                 lemon to place on the
                                 tray) )
                           I puke in small planes...

                           But they're safer...

                           ... doesn't matter,... I just have to
                           look down and that's it...

                                (so that Sophie,
                                 Julia, and Sylvanne
                                 can hear, but to
                                 himself, with an
                                 oyster in his mouth) 
                           I'm going to grow old with my cat...
                           in peace...Ants aren't lonely...

                 He guzzles some champagne

                                (to Sylvanne, Julia,
                                 Philippe.  Nat looks
                                 up and listens to
                                 this) )
                           He calls friends and relatives,
                           millions of ants ... and they sort
                           the seeds for Psyche.  But what does
                           that has to do with anything? What
                           were we talking about?

                 NAT tries to say something to SOPHIE. He searches again for
                 something in his pocket;
                 he pulls out the telescope, but he doesn't get a word in.  MARC
                 and MARTINE start to listen to the conversation.

                                (to Sophie) )
                           It has to do with the fact that she's
                           a slave... a slave of love.

                           We're all slaves...

                           To mice...

                           To oysters...

                                (cynically) )
                           Ah, come on, that's just a fairytale
                           ....I know I'll never flip out over
                           love again.

                           That's if you don't really let go.

                                         MARTINE (in French)
                           That's true. As much as you love is
                           as much as you'll be hurt.

                 JULIA appears destabilized.  There's an uncomfortable silence.

                 JULIA fakes control and levity. She throws out:

                           Oh, I thought love was just a disease
                           you caught from sex.

                 The others laugh.  SOPHIE takes up a tray, and on her way out of
                 the kitchen pats JULIA on the shoulder, laughing.  JULIA catches
                 NAT's eye, who's looking at her, not laughing, just smirking. 
                 JULIA leaves the kitchen and goes over to the dancers.

          30     INT. NIGHT -- APARTMENT                               30

                 JULIA watches the dancers.  NAT comes up behind her and speaks
                 to her from over her shoulder.

                           You really believe that?

                 JULIA turns around.

                           What do you mean?

                           Maybe it's the other way around.

                                (she's put off, but
                                 she covers up) )
                           Statistics will back me up on that

                 He comes beside her.  They stand watching the dancers for a few
                 minutes.  She is drinking a lot.

                 In the background, SYLVANNE is handing out the presents, and
                 people holding slips of paper are looking for the person to whom
                 they will give their present.  JULIA watches this, backing away
                 from it all.  NAT stands beside her.

                                         JULIA (CONT'D)
                           So, you've been all around the world?

                           Just about.

                 JULIA watches as SOPHIE makes her way through the party offering
                 oysters.  When she gets to a tall attractive man in a corner,
                 she trips and spills the oysters all over him.  There is
                 commotion and Sophie apologizes, trying to clean him up. They
                 laugh. There is an obvious attraction between them. SOPHIE is
                 off-guard, nervous, but flirtatious.  JULIA turns away and looks
                 at NAT, who is searching again in his pockets. Things fall out. 
                 JULIA bends to pick them up.

                 SYLVANNE arrives with an open bottle of champagne and some

                           Here... pour some.. countdown in 5

                 She hands the bottle and glasses to JULIA, who just stands
                 holding them, not pouring.  SYLVANNE takes other bottles to
                 other guests.

                           Flying somewhere tonight?

                           Just got back (he's fumbling with
                           things in his pockets).

                           Ever been to Winnipeg?

                           Just the airport.

                           What about Vancouver?

                           Good climate...

                                (probing for a
                                 solution for herself) 
                           Someone told me they need English
                           teachers in Korea. Ever been?

                           Good food... Kimchee...

                           Or Japan...are there jobs there?


                 The music goes off. A VOICE from the other side of the room

                                         VOICE (OFF)
                           Everyone grab your glasses! 20

                           Where would you go, if you could go

                           I'd stay here.

                           Yea, ... 
                                (decisively, almost to
                                 herself) )
                           I'm stuck with Winnipeg. It might
                           prove itself.

                 EVERYONE in the party begins to count backwards from 10,
                 shouting each number in anticipation.

                                (above the noise) )
                           You seem to need proof.

                 She looks at him strangely.

                 The crowd reaches ONE!  They all shout HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Everyone
                 starts to kiss, embrace, wish each other a happy new year. NAT
                 and JULIA stand just staring at each other, then looking around,
                 then back at each other.  JULIA hands NAT the bottle of
                 champagne and the glasses.

                           I have to make a call.

                 She makes her way through the crowd.  A few people try to kiss
                 her. NAT watches her go into Sophie's bedroom.

          31     INT. NIGHT -- BEDROOM                                 31

                 Julia finds the phone, the noise is loud from the rest of the
                 apartment, with everyone celebrating and moving in and out. Some
                 come into the bedroom to shout.  She closes the door.  She dials
                 the number.

                                         WOMAN'S VOICE (OFF -- taped)
                           You have one new message.

                 She presses 11.

                                         WOMAN'S VOICE (OFF -- taped)
                           The following new message has not
                           been heard. First message:

                                         VOICE OF GILLES (OFF -- taped)
                                (laconic) )
                           On n'a pas a parler. Il n'y a rien a
                           se dire. Point a la ligne. Ne
                           m'appele plus.  Merci.

                                         WOMAN'S VOICE (OFF-- taped)
                           End of message. To erase this message
                           press 7, to save it, press 9.

                 JULIA does nothing, just sits and stares, incredulous.

                                         WOMAN'S VOICE (OFF -- taped)
                           To erase this message press 7, to
                           save it, press 9.

                 JULIA presses 5.

                                         WOMAN'S VOICE (OFF -- taped)
                           Sent today, at 11:37 pm.  Eight
                           seconds.  To erase this message press
                           7, to save it press 9.

                 JULIA still does nothing.  The VOICE repeats, one more time: To
                 erase press 7, etc.  Then:

                                         WOMAN'S VOICE (OFF -- taped)
                           Sorry you were having trouble. Please
                           try again later. Goodbye.

                 JULIA hangs up the phone.  A few seconds later, she breaks down,
                 crying desperately into her hands. She searches for her coat on
                 the bed.  She puts it on and just sits on the bed. She can't
                 stop crying.  She puts her hood up and leaves the party.

          32     EXT. NIGHT -- STREET                                  32

                 JULIA walks along a path in the park in front of Mount Royal. 
                 She is still crying.  She picks up some snow and eats it. 
                 People are out on the street and in their homes celebrating. 
                 Cars are honking.

                 She stops and looks at a house (GILLES') across the street,
                 which has lights on in many rooms and people sitting in the
                 living room toasting, eating, talking.

                           Rien a se dire?

                 SUDDENLY FROM BEHIND HER:

                           Most of the time clarity's silent.

                 JULIA shrieks, is startled.

                                         NAT (CONT'D)
                           I drew your name, but you left, I
                           didn't get a chance to give you this,
                           your present.

                 He hands her a glass identical to the one she broke in her
                 kitchen.  JULIA looks at it in his opened palm, then looks up at
                 him, very confused.  She pushes his hand away and starts to walk
                 away.  NAT follows her.

                                         NAT (CONT'D)
                           Can I walk with you?

                 They start to walk.

                           Look, I'm really tired...

                 She starts to speed up, trying to lose him, but he catches up
                 and walks beside her.

          33     EXT. NIGHT -- IN FRONT OF JULIA'S APARTMENT           33

                 JULIA and NAT are in front of the garbage pile we saw him at
                 previously.  NAT picks through some more of the debris of the
                 nativity scene.

                           I go up everyday, and sometimes we
                           need evidence.


                           For the right conversations.

                 JULIA appears nervous. She heads across the street.

                                (over her shoulder) )

                 NAT follows her and puts out his hand in front of her offering
                 to shake hers.  She looks at it and then grabs it limply giving
                 it a brief shake.

          34     INT. NIGHT -- APARTMENT                               34

                 JULIA is undressing.  She goes to the phone, picks it up and
                 checks her messages.  The message operator says: "YOU HAVE NO
                 NEW MESSAGES." JULIA hits a button.

                                         GILLES (OFF -taped)
                           On n'a pas a parler. Il n'y a rien a
                           se dire. Point a la ligne. Ne
                           m'appele plus.  Merci.

                 She presses a button and the operator's voice says "SAVED."
                 She's very tired and drunk. She goes into her bathroom, takes
                 out her toothbrush and, upon reaching for the toothpaste over
                 the sink, notices a drop of blood on the palm of her right hand.
                 She takes some of it up on her fingertip and smells it, puts it
                 to the tip of her tongue.  She is disgusted and quickly washes
                 it down the sink.  She examines her palm again and the skin is
                 clean and smooth. Instead of brushing her teeth, she throws down
                 the brush and scrubs her hand again. She goes to the kitchen.  A
                 group of party-goers is loud and boistrous on the street. We
                 hear the sound of glass breaking below on the street. JULIA goes
                 to the fridge and drinks juice out of the container, then goes
                 to bed.

          35     INT. DAY -- APARTMENT                                 35

                 JULIA's door bell rings.  She gets out of bed.

                 She pushes the buzzer that releases the front door. Julia looks
                 down the stairs. Her eyes widen as she recognizes her visitor.

                                         JULIA (to herself)
                           Oh no.

                 She looks over the bannister and watches as her FATHER climbs
                 the stairs.  He is carrying a small antique wall cabinet (with
                 glass doors).

                                         JULIA (CONT'D)
                                (fast and
                                 diversionary, not
                                 allowing him to get a
                                 word in edgewise) )
                           Dad, hi, what is that?  Here, put it
                           down. You didn't tell me you were
                           coming to town ... You came all this
                           way ... I was just leaving, I'm late 
                                (looks at her watch)
                           Oh god, really late for rehearsal..
                           it's important... We're going to
                           Winnipeg soon, and we've got to get a
                           lot of practising in, and tonight
                           there's  a performance at the cafe.. 
                           I really have to go.

                 She goes into the bathroom.  Her FATHER talks to her from the

                           Happy New Year 
                                (pause, waiting for
                                 her to answer, but
                                 she doesn't say
                           This was your mother's. She would've
                           wanted you to have it, for your nice

                 He notices the odd state of her apartment, the broken glass, the
                 spell book, etc.  He sits on the couch, patiently waiting for
                 her to come out.

                                         FATHER (CONT'D)
                           I wanted to tell you ... 

                 He realizes that she can't hear him, he hears the sound of the

                 Pause.  Her FATHER gets up and looks around. He goes to a
                 photograph of him, Julia, and her mother that is on a wall.  He
                 looks down into his hands.  He sits back down.

                 JULIA emerges from the bathroom, fully dressed.  She rushes to
                 get her boots and coat on.

                                         FATHER (CONT'D)
                           How are you?

                           Oh fine... really fine...

                           You lonely these days?

                           No, not at all.... you shouldn't
                           worry... I'm seeing somebody new...
                           you'll meet him, umm.. a pilot...
                                (Not looking at him or
                                 letting him speak)
                           I'm really sorry, I wish you'd called
                           first, but I really have to go...
                           Maybe we can meet later. I have a gig
                           tonight, but maybe when I get home
                           you'll still be up, we can catch

                 He tries to say something.

                                         JULIA (CONT'D)
                           Sorry, I really have to go.

                 She rushes over to him and gives him a kiss then rushes out the

          36     EXT. DAY -- STREET                                    36

                 JULIA shuts the door and rests against it.  She looks at her
                 watch.  She looks around, wondering where to go. She sees that
                 the glass of the store window below has been shattered.  She
                 walks down the street.

          37     EXT. DAY -- COMMERCIAL STREET                         37

                 There are very few people on the street -- New Year's day, a
                 hung-over atmosphere. JULIA goes to one cafe, but it's closed. 
                 She walks a little to another, and it too is closed. She walks
                 towards Mount Royal. She passes a magazine store and sees a copy
                 of HELIX DOUBLE in the window. She continues to the mountain.

          38     EXT. DAY -- MOUNT ROYAL                               38

                 There are a few families tobogganing on the mountain. JULIA
                 walks towards them. She stands watching, then walks to the top
                 of the slope.  Sitting on the ground in front of her is a wide
                 piece of flat cardboard similar to others that children are
                 using as sleds.  She sits on it and propels herself down the
                 slope. Her face remains straight and sad as the wind blows in
                 it.  She gets up and leaves the cardboard at the bottom of the
                 hill. She walks away.

          39     EXT. DAY -- COMMERCIAL STREET                         39

                 JULIA walks past what appears to be the only cafe open, in which
                 its 2 or 3 patrons, solitary individuals with nowhere to go,
                 seem to have been sitting the whole night.

          40     INT. DAY -- DINER                                     40

                 JULIA sits reading a newspaper while drinking coffee. The diner
                 is almost perfectly silent. No one talks, everyone is sluggish.
                 The atmosphere is heavy.

                 JULIA lifts her cup and sees a trickle of blood running down
                 from her palm to her wrist.  She drops the cup. Everyone is the
                 diner looks up and toward her. She covers her hand with the wool
                 dickie, then takes a napkin and wipes up. Everyone looks back at
                 his own coffee cup.  She stares at her palm.  No more blood
                 appears.  She is sweating. She gets up, pays.

                 As she's standing at the counter to pay, she sees a PASSING MAN
                 (resembling Gilles) through the window.  She throws the money on
                 the counter and runs out.

          41     EXT. DAY -- COMMERCIAL STREET                         41

                 JULIA runs after the man.  He stops suddenly.  She bumps into
                 him. He turns around and she's surprised it's not Gilles.


                 She's embarrassed. She turns around. She sees NAT, who is
                 sitting on a bench at the busstop, throwing a paper airplane. 
                 She realizes he has witnessed this scene. He folds another paper
                 plane, then looks up at her.  She is more embarrassed, so
                 pretends that she hasn't seen him, then heads down the street in
                 the opposite direction.  NAT throws his plane in front of him.

          42     INT. DAY -- BAR                                       42

                 JULIA, MICHAEL, and PHILIPPE are setting up to rehearse.  JULIA
                 is at the microphone, doing a test, while MICHAEL adjusts the

                           We've got to iron it out in the next
                           few days. 
                                (to Julia)   )

                           About playing in Winnipeg Manitoba?
                           Well, let's see
                                (into the microphone,
                                 while the levels go
                                 up and down) )
                           Winnipeg Manitoba, Winnipeg
                           Manitoba...Winnipeg Manitoba...
                           Winnipeg Manitoba...
                           Winnipeg Manitoba...I guess if I say
                           it often enough it could eventually
                           sound like New York New York, but the
                           symmetry's just a little wrong.

                           Don't be so cynical.  You wanted to
                           go somewhere.

                           That's the best I could do. 	I
                           thought you'd be happy... Let's

          43     INT. DAY --  BAR                                      43

                 MICHAEL, PHILIPPE, and JULIA are rehearsing. It's a wild and
                 rhythmic song. JULIA is lost in her congas, oblivious. The music
                 reaches a climax, then the tune is over.

                 But JULIA continues to play, still stroking and stroking the
                 skin of her instrument.

                 Suddenly MICHAEL gets up from his keyboards and moves in front
                 of her.  He watches for a second, but then grabs her hands
                 roughly, lifting them from the congas, stopping her.

                 JULIA opens her eyes to see him in front of her holding her
                 hand, which is dripping blood.

                 She jumps back, startled and terrified.

                           My God, what's going on?  What

                 PHILIPPE puts down his instrument and go over to her.

                           Is that blood?

                           Julia. Did you hit a nail? Do you
                           need a doctor?
                           What have you done?

                 JULIA is stunned, starting to shake.  She pulls her hands out of
                 MICHAEL's grasp.

                           Um, I don't know, I'm fine. I mean,
                           just a minute.  I'll be back in a

                 She goes into the washroom.
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