script (English)


A fifty-something year Lebanese Laila has no family, except for an old Aunt who, even if cantankerous and disapproving, have settled into life in France far easier than her niece. The war in Beirut is now over, but fear of the emotional turmoil, which she would face upon her return, prevents Laila from going back. Paris is now her, however lonely, home, though she is still classed as a refugee in her new country.

One day Laila goes to see a new Russian film in a neighbourhood cinema, and unexpectedly finds herself embroiled in the life of a young Russian woman Alexandra, an emigree, pregnant and in need of a place to stay.

Alexandra, in two months to be a single mother, has come to Europe to secure, as she believes, a happier future for her child. Rejected by her long estranged father, who now lives in Germany on state benefit, Alexandra flees to Paris the place so many Russians still dream of living! But her romantic expectations are soon defeated by the reality, and having run out of money she becomes dependant on the mercy of strangers.

Laila is disturbed by Alexandra's situation, not least because it resembles her own exile. For a moment she even believes that in Alexandra and her future baby she might have found the family she longs for so much?

Writer/Director: Anna Tchernakova